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We would like to thank Seaford Town Council for our successful 2016 grant request. This funding contributes toward supplying our news letters in the printed form. Thank you.






Sussex Elderly Care are hosting an Open Day at the Clinton Centre, Seaford in November and this is to benefit the local community of Seaford. There will be a number of professionals present to answer queries on Health Wealth and Wellbeing.


All citizens of Seaford are welcome to this event where you can:

  • Get advice and information about your health wealth and wellbeing.
  • Meet with the owners of Sussex Elderly Care and discuss any requirements.
  • Mingle with the Lord Mayor and local councillors.
  • Acquire information from the Locality Manager of Social Services.
  • Have a free consultation about your Will, Power of Attorney or other legal matters.
  • Chat with a Financial Adviser to discuss your situation privately.
  • Talk to the Local Community Transport about any issues.
  • Learn about Homeopathy and how light massage can help you.
  • Enjoy tea/coffee with homemade cakes or a taster of Wiltshire Farm Foods.
  • Enjoy a chat with Maria about the local tea club.

We can assure that you will have an enjoyable afternoon at this care and share day for the citizens of Seaford. Looking forward to meeting you there. If you require transport, please contact Mary on 01323 301338.

Proceeds from the raffle and teas and coffees to Seaford Senior’s Forum.

Saturday 22nd October Seaford Bonfire Night

The torch-lit procession, with drummers, fire barrels and huge tableaux goes through the town to the War Memorial and finishes at the Martello Fields for the bonfire and firework display. 

Seaford Bonfire Society members dressed as pirates, smugglers and Saxons will be joined by visiting bonfire societies, marching bands and drummers for a spectacular torchlit parade. 

Programmes on sale from the Clinton Centre or look out for pirates and smugglers in town on Saturday mornings in October 


Note: There are street closures in Seaford so check before you travel.





Sunday 13th November, 11am – Remembrance Sunday – The Royal British Legion

Where: Seaford War Memorial

Introducing ESSA 

Combined Forum of all East Sussex Senior Forums.

Website -

East Sussex Seniors Association (ESSA) provides member forums with information and group contact with the East Sussex County Council.

ESSA provides representatives to sit with Adult Social Care Officers on Council Committees relating to older and disabled people. ESSA also provides representatives to sit on NHS Committees and various local, regional and national organisations.

Membership of ESSA is via local Older Peoples' Forums across East Sussex.

  • Eastbourne Seniors' Forum
  • Lewes District Seniors' Forum
  • Hastings & St Leonards Seniors' Forum
  • Seaford Seniors' Forum
  • Rother Seniors'
  • Meridian Mature Citizens Forum
  • Wealden Senior Citizens Partnership

See the Spring newsletter here...

Older People's Day 2016

Saturday October 1st is officially Older People’s Day 2016 – an International Day created to recognise and celebrate the achievements and contributions that older people make to our society.

This year seniors’ forums, the voluntary sector, community groups and other statutory organisations will work together and create a programme of events to mark Older People’s Day 2016. Across East Sussex, events will be taking place throughout September and October, providing a wide variety of fun activities and information. They aim to promote healthy life styles, give opportunities to combat loneliness, encourage volunteering and sharing skills with different generations. Very often these events are free or low cost and allow you to try something new.

You can view the 2016 events programme through the link below


For further information, please contact Kate Davies, Chair of East Sussex Seniors’ Association (ESSA), on 01273 516207


  • Acrobat (PDF)

New Advice

The new guidelines on vitamin D –

what you need to know

"Experts recommend everyone consider vitamin D supplements over winter,"

This has been prompted by new advice on vitamin D from Public Health England (PHE), which says that children and adults over the age of one should have 10 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin D every day. This means that some people may want to consider taking a supplement.

The advice is based on recommendations from the governments scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) following its review of the evidence on vitamin D and health (PDF, 4.2Mb).

New advice on vitamin D from Public Health England (PHE), says that children and adults over the age of one should have 10 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin D every day. This means that some people may want to consider taking a supplement.

The advice is to consider taking vitamin D supplements because it is difficult to get enough from food alone

What is vitamin D?

Vitamin D helps to control the amount of calcium and phosphate in our bodies. Both are needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

Vitamin D is found naturally in a small number of foods, including oily fish, red meat, liver and egg yolks. It's also found in fortified foods like breakfast cereals and fat spreads.

Our main source of vitamin D is from the action of sunlight on our skin.

During autumn and winter (from October until the end of March) the sun isn't strong enough in the UK to produce vitamin D. That means we have to rely on getting it just from the food we eat.

Because it's difficult to get enough vitamin D from food alone, many of us risk not getting enough. Taking a supplement helps to keep levels of the vitamin topped up during the colder months.

It's recommended that over-65s take a supplement of vitamin D of 10 micrograms per day. Also to try to get out in the sun for 10-15 minutes a day without sunscreen,

Please download our 2016 Spring Newsletter

Final Spring 2016 Newsletter.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]

New East Sussex NHS app helps people get the right care at the right time


Anouncing the launch of an innovative new website and mobile phone app to help people in East Sussex understand where they should go for treatment, especially when they are not sure what to do or who to contact.


The free web app is available via the website and can be saved to your phone, tablet or computer for easy use.. It helps people check their symptoms and find the best place for treatment – showing which services near them are open. It will help people to know when to go to A&E, and when not to.


Launched by Hastings and Rother Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford CCG and High Weald Lewes Havens CCG. A spokesperson said: “Health Help Now means our local community will be able to find the most appropriate help fast when they need it.


“We hope people will find this easy-to-use web app helps them to determine when to go to A&E and when to go elsewhere. Around 40 per cent of people who attend A&E leave without any treatment. We hope that by using this web app, patients will become more aware of other services better able to meet their needs. This may save them a long wait in A&E and should help to take the pressure off A&E, especially over the busy winter period.”


Health Help Now breaks down symptoms by age –baby, child, teenager, adult and older adult. This is to make it easier for people to find the right treatment for them. It is thought to be the most detailed and sophisticated local NHS web app in the country.


Health Help Now has been developed with input from local GPs, hospital doctors, paramedics and other health professionals.


After clicking on age, symptoms and location, people are presented with a list of suggestions for treatment. The most suitable choice for most people is listed first and the other suggestions follow in order. It shows the nearest services and is time sensitive so details whether services are open or closed and provides a map of their location.


Health Help Now also offers advice – such as where to buy children’s medication when pharmacies are closed – and links to other useful websites. The ground-breaking, easy-to-use web app works on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Exercise lowers risk of cognitive decline experts agree


Group Chief Executive of Age UK, Tom Wright, said: ‘Cognitive decline as you age is often seen as an inevitable part of getting older, yet people who lead active lifestyles and exercise have the power to protect their brain against ageing and even boost our memory and thinking skills.’


Getting regular exercise can lower the risk of cognitive decline and can even change our brain structure and improve its functioning, according to a new evidence-based consensus statement issued today by the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH), an independent collaboration of scientists, doctors, scholars and policy experts from around the world.


Based on the available scientific evidence, the GCBH has concluded that:


Physical activity has a positive impact on brain health

People who participate in purposeful exercise show beneficial changes in brain structure and function

People who lead a physically active lifestyle have a lower risk of cognitive decline

However, GCBH has stopped short of stating that physical activity can reduce the risk of brain diseases that cause dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, concluding that there is not yet sufficient evidence.


What activities are good to keep your brain healthy?


To keep your brain healthy, the GCBH’s experts advise you should lead a physically-active lifestyle, including daily activities such as walking, using the stairs, or gardening.


In addition to this, you should carry out 2 ½ hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity that raises the heart rate (for example, brisk walking, swimming, or cycling), and two or more days of moderate-intensity, muscle-strengthening activities (such as lifting weights or squats) on a weekly basis.

WAVE Exercise Referral Scheme

Operates throughout the Lewes district in conjunction with all the GP surgeries. The scheme can benefit a range of conditions including highblood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, weight loss (and management), mobility, mild to moderate depression and stress. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Is the Patient Transport Service (PTS) privatisation a “total shambles”?


NHS investigation to be launched into £63.5m contract that has left patients waiting for hours.

What has happened?

Problems have arisen since Coperforma (a private company) replaced the NHS’s South East Coast ambulance service (Secamb) as the provider of non-emergency patient transport services on 1 April.


Are you one of the people who make up the 25,000 journeys per month that are delivered by Sussex Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (PTS)?

A Guardian report has revealed a host of problems since Coperforma replaced the NHS on April 1


Hundreds of patients including people with cancer and kidney failure have missed important appointments for treatment because ambulances did not arrive to take them to hospital, after privatisation of NHS non-urgent transport services in Sussex this month.


Some elderly patients have had to wait more than five hours for ambulances and been stuck at hospital for long periods after their appointments because the transport service has proved so unreliable.


Patients, relatives, NHS bodies and local MPs have severely criticised the service’s performance, and a trade union representing ambulance crews said it was an “absolute shambles”. The NHS organisations that awarded the four-year, £63.5m contract have now launched an investigation.


Cancer patients have missed oncology appointments after ambulances failed to turn up to collect them. Patients with kidney failure have not been able to receive scheduled sessions of kidney dialysis for the same reason, with some missing two of their three treatments in a week.

So many patients have become stuck at the Royal Sussex County hospital in Brighton because their transport has not arrived that it has paid for taxis and other private vehicle suppliers to take them home.


Staff have had to stay until midnight to ensure kidney patients arriving hours after their scheduled start time have received vital dialysis.

Coperforma crews have been left doing nothing, despite patients’ need to get to hospital, because poor mobile phone reception in parts of Sussex has meant they did not receive details of calls to attend via an app the firm saw as pivotal to the service’s smooth running.

Patients, relatives and NHS staff have faced waits of 45 minutes and more to get through to the firm’s phone lines, which have been unable to cope with demand.

Coperforma vehicles have turned up to collect patients who have already died.


Coperforma refused to say how many patients had so far been caught up in the problems, though the CCGs said at least several hundred were involved. The firm, which claims to be “transforming hospital transport”, also works for the NHS in Hampshire and London.


Please read our Spring 2016 Magazine for more information


The Otago Strength and Balance Exercise Programme in East Sussex  Places available.

Will I have to pay?

No. It is free to take part in the programme.


Who is the programme for?

The programme is particularly suited to people who:

• Have experienced a fear of falling

• Sometimes feel unstable on their feet

• Can lack confidence when walking

• Have experienced a fall(s)

Please contact Wave Leisure on (01323) 493027

Or email:

More information CLICK HERE

Care for the Carers has a new website.


The Spring 2015 issue of CareLine is now online.

Click Here for more details

The Care Act


The Care Act came into force in April 2015 and is the biggest change in social care for 60 years.


It will help to make care and support more consistent across the country and puts the wellbeing of individuals at the heart of health and social care services. If you need care and support, or look after someone who does, here’s how care and support is changing in East Sussex.


Please Click Here for more information

Elders’ Commission

What is the Sussex Elders’ Commission on Police & Crime?


The Sussex Elders’ Commission (SEC) is an opportunity for older residents to support, challenge and inform the work of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne.

 28 Elders members have been recruited from across the County, from Chichester in the far west and all along the South Coast of Sussex. Members have been found in all of the major towns and cities of East and West Sussex and some of the rural areas.

Have Your Say

If you would like to contact your local Elders’ Commission member and have your say on policing and crime affecting older people in your area please follow this link and click here.

 Seaford Household Waste & recycling Unit at Cradle Hill

Is open on Fri, Sat and Sunday 

 At a meeting of the county authority councillors voted to keep the facilities open for three days a week.


Horder Healthcare Seaford




Seaford Seniors’ Forum is one of the seven representing the over 50’s, in both Seaford and through membership of the East Sussex Seniors’ Association (ESSA). The East Sussex Forums are a campaigning body for the older person and is able to convey their views to the County authorities and organizations. These views can then be used to influence policy at local, regional and national level for older peoples’ services.

Seaford Beach Storm 02/14   CLICK HERE FOR DRAMA 

If you have a facebook a/c you can watch this ...

         The Sand returns CLICK HERE FOR FUN

How Many Crimes Reported in the Seaford Area?


Click on your neighbourhood to see crime figures and map.


Seaford CentralClick Here

Seaford East Click Here

Seaford North Click Here

Seaford SouthClick Here

Seaford WestClick Here

See Our Health News Page for information which may concern you


Courier Scams

Operation Sterling from the Metropolitan Police Service is reissuing its warning regarding “Courier Scams” . A fraud that is mainly targeting the elderly and vulnerable in our communities. These scams are becoming increasingly prevalent across London and beyond.


  • Elderly members of the public have been receiving unsolicited telephone calls from fraudsters purporting to be from the police or their bank.
  • A fraudster will ring a member of the public, claiming to be from their bank (or in some cases claiming to be the police), stating that their systems have spotted a fraudulent payment on their card or that their card is due to expire and needs to be replaced.
  • The person may be asked to ring the bank back using the phone number printed on the back of their bank card. This helps to convince the person that the call is genuine.
  • However, the fraudster has kept the telephone line open so even though the person has called the bank, the call does not go through. Instead they are unknowingly connected straight back to the fraudster.
  • The fraudster then gains the person’s trust by pretending to be from the bank and seeming to offer assistance. In many cases the person is asked to provide their full bank card details and key in their PIN so that their existing card can be “cancelled” and their new one "activated" or "authorised." The fraudster will then explain that the bank will need to collect the card.
  • The fraudster will then attend the person’s address or send an innocent courier company driver to collect the card and sometimes provide them with a “replacement” card which is subsequently found to be fake.
  • Therefore, the fraudster has obtained the person’s name, address, full bank details, the card its self and the PIN. The bank cards are then used fraudulently without the victim’s knowledge.

    Prevention Advice

    If you receive such a call end it immediately. If you receive a call like this, hang up the phone. In order to clear your line from the scammer, wait at least 5 minutes before making any calls. DO NOT hand over any money or items purchased as a result of this type of phone call.

    Please be aware of the following:

    • Your bank will never attend your home
    • Your bank and the police will never collect your bank card
    • Your bank and the police will never ask for your PIN

    Reporting Advice

    In an emergency dial 999.

    In a non-emergency, report to Action Fraud, see related links or contact your local police by dialling 101 and report the matter to your bank.

    the PIN. The bank cards are then used fraudulently without the victim’s knowledge.

The Trick

Person rings you then gives a phone number to ring for important news or says family member is ill. They then ring off. DO NOT RING THEM BACK.


How to avoid getting scammed with big phone call back charges

  • If you don’t recognize a number, don’t call them back.
  • If you really want to call back, Google the number first. Check the area code to make sure it’s not long-distance. 
  • Check the full number, too; in many cases, you’ll find a page full of results saying “Do not call! It’s a scam!”
  • Check your phone bill for sketchy charges. Your phone provider knows about scams like this, and will generally reverse the charge if you complain.
Every year, the British public loses billions of pounds to scammers who bombard us with online, mail, door-to-door and telephone scams. 

Microsoft phone scam: how it works

Scammers calls you, and asks for you by name. They say they are a security expert from Microsoft (or another legitimate tech company). The 'security expert' is plausible and polite, but officious. They say that your PC or laptop has been infected with malware, and that they can help you solve the problem. What happens now depends on the particular strain of scam with which you have been targeted.

Some crooks will ask you to give them remote access to your laptop, and then use the access to harness your personal data. Others get you to download malware that will do that task for you. A more straightforward scam is to simply ask for money in return for a lifetime of 'protection' from the malware they pretend is on your machine.

Here's the important bit: no legitimate IT security pro is ever going to call you in this way. For one thing, they can't tell that your pc is infected. They've got your name from the phone book, or any one of the thousands of marketing lists on which your details probably reside. They know nothing about your home computing set up - it's a fishing trip to see if they can hook some low-hanging fruit (forgive the torturous mixed metaphors).

Basically, somebody is sitting in a room calling number after number hoping to find a victim. It's not personal, but it is ultimately dangerous to your financial and technological health.

Microsoft phone scam: what to do if you are called

1. Number one: put the phone down. Get rid of the caller and move on with your life. It is not a legitimate call.

2. During your conversation, don't provide any personal information. This is a good rule for any unsolicited call. And certainly never hand over your credit card or bank details. Just don't do it.

3. If you've got this far, we can only reiterate point number 1: get off the phone. But whatever you do don't allow a stranger to guide you to a certain webpage, or instruct you to change a setting on your pc or download software.

4. If possible get the caller's details. You should certainly report any instance of this scam to the police.

5. Finally, change any passwords and usernames that could plausibly have been compromised, and run a scan with up-to-date secrity software. Then ensure that your firewall and antivirus are up to date and protecting your pc.

Read more:

The Silver Line is the only free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


We have introduced a Wave Leisure page.


Physical activity and exercise can help you stay healthy, energetic and independent as you get older. If you don't stay active, all the things you’ve always enjoyed doing and taken for granted start to become that little bit harder.

You may struggle to pursue simple pleasures, such as playing with the grandchildren, walking to the shops, leisure activities and meeting up with friends.

You might start to get aches and pains that you never had before, and have less energy to go out. You may also be more vulnerable to falling.

In the winter exercising becomes more difficult because of weather conditions.

We have introduced a Wave Leisure page to let you know of the facilities, events and cost at your local community centre. One of their aims is 

  • Create the greatest value for customers through our portfolio of facilities and activities  Click HERE FOR LINK

British Red Cross - Carers Support Service
Free short term care and support for unpaid carers in East Sussex.
Enhances quality of life by supporting the carer and person they care for.
The Service offers:
Companionship and sitting service
Light housework, meal preparation and shopping
Dog-walking, looking after pets
Assisting with form completion
Signposting to other organisations

Contact us at   -

We are now on Twitter. Follow us.

Thinking of moving or are you happy where you are living?

As we get older our housing needs change.

Need some basic advice regarding your options?


You are being consulted by the Environment Agency on methods to deal with the effects of climate change and sea level rise.

In 150 years time most of Seaford beach could be lost to high tides and erosion.


East Sussex Winter

Home Check Service

How we can help – our Winter Home Check Service

 Our free Winter Home Check Service includes:

  • a full assessment of your home to identify how to keep it warm
  • small preventative works such as improving insulation, repairing boilers, clearing gutters, lagging pipes and clearing chimneys
  • providing emergency temporary heating
  • advice on getting help with the cost of heating your home.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for this free service you need to:

a) Own your own property or rent it privately and have the owner's permission to do the work.


b) In all cases of the above be in receipt of one of the following benefits:

  • Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (and your income is £15,860 or less)
  • Working Tax Credit (and your income is £15,860 or less) – plus one of the extra conditions below
  • Income Support – plus one of the extra conditions below
  • Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance – plus one of the extra conditions below
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance – plus the support or work related element, or one of the extra conditions below

Extra conditions:
For certain benefits, one of the following must also apply:

  • you're responsible for a child under 16 (or under 20 if they're in education or training)
  • you get Disabled Child Premium
  • you get Disability Premium
  • you get Pensioner Premium
  • you're 60 or over (only if you get Working Tax Credit)

You must of course live in East Sussex, and we can accept only one application per household.

How to apply

Don't hesitate to contact us if you, or someone you know, could benefit from this help. Ask for the Winter Home Check Service:

Older people’s services

Who do we help?

We offer a range of services especially for older people. When we talk about ‘older people’ we mean someone around the age of 65 or over, although some of our schemes provide help for people from the age of 55 (please have a look at the services in your area to find the specific ages for individual schemes).

What services do we offer?

We offer several services for older people:

  • Floating support services – support available wherever you live, often enabling you to live independently in your own home; and
  • Support along with a place to live which can also include extra care services; and
  • Domiciliary care services (care in your own home).

Our services can help you to find and keep somewhere to live, or provide the support you need to live as independently as possible.

Our extra care schemes provide services and housing for people generally over the age of 65. These offer set hours of daily care, such as washing, dressing or help with medication. Domiciliary care offers the same kind of care but in your own home.

We aim to offer a service based on your particular needs, where you’re in control and take part in decisions. We’ll give you help and advice on activities to do with housing, skills you need to live on your own or specific areas such as our extra care and domiciliary services.  Our goal is to help you fix any problems and achieve results.

For more information about this service please contact:

Freephone: 0800 066 5768 

Email: or

HELP us spread the news!!!

This website and our magazine is devoted to the over 50's.

We are a non-political, volunteer group, who are passionate in working to improve the quality of life for the over 50's, in Seaford. Help us offset our publishing costs by placing an advertisement for your business or trade.


Grandparents are a baby boon
An elderly couple
Grandparents spend 40 days a year caring for their grandchildren
Having grandparents who are willing to baby-sit saves British families more than a £1bn ($1.6bn) a year, a new survey says.


It's important to respect the increasingly vital role grandparents play in family life
Age Concern
Nearly one in two grandparents surveyed said that they regularly spent time with their grandchildren - often in a baby-sitting role.

On average, grandparents spend at least 40 days a year looking after their grandchildren - allowing parents time off from caring duties. 


An Age Concern spokesman said: "Grandparents are often the glue that helps to bind a family together. It's important to respect the increasingly vital role they play in family life."



Seaford Rover
Dial A Ride Bus Service
Tel: 01273 517332 Click HERE for website


Transport for your community - infrormation update.

Travel now FREE.

The Seaford Rover is an easy access, door to door community bus service for the Seaford area. The service runs every weekday - except Tuesdays - from 9.00am to 2.30pm. The service covers all of Seaford and Bishopstone and is available for all types to trip.

It is operated by Community Transport for the Lewes Area (CTLA) who also organise group trips out to a variety of places, including shopping and garden centres, cinemas. The staff are very helpful and informative.




We would like to bring your attention to a new initiative based in Seaford called

 “Seahaven Storehouse”.

This is an organisation recently launched, which is able to provide emergency vital basic food supplies to local families or individuals who have been referred by local agencies.


The food bank is located in the Community Church in Vale Road and is currently open on Thursdays from 10:00 to 13:00.


There is a collection point in Morrisons Store, if anybody would like to donate food/cans etc. to this cause.

The contact details of Seahaven Storehouse are 07921 844930 or

Our sponsors are

QualitySolicitors Barwells offers legal advice to individuals and businesses in Eastbourne, Hailsham, Seaford, Newhaven and Peacehaven.

Part of a national network of modern progressive law firms, we are dedicated to providing customer service excellence - every time.



enjoy the music.


ZUMBA, DANCE and EXERCISE classes designed for us older people.

Keep the party going by staying fit with Louise Cave.


Want To Join Us? Membership is Free

If you'd like to become a member, please see our Contact Us page.


If you would like your logo HERE then follow this LINK for more information.

Issues Of Concern

Report issues of concern relating to the over 50's in Seaford to us directly by using our Contact Form.

Wave Leisure

See Our News Page

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